As part of the focus area “Supporting the establishment of the First Zero Waste Municipality”, ZWMNE is committed to support municipalities throughout the country willing to become part of the global Zero Waste Cities network initiated by Zero Waste Europe. The network of European municipalities towards Zero Waste comprises frontrunners in the field of waste resource and management. One of ZWMNE goal is to identify a municipality fully committed to becoming a first or second category municipality in Montenegro working towards Zero Waste – and to support it fully in its endeavor.


The criteria required to be selected as a ZW municipality are the following:


1st Category – Municipalities working towards Zero Waste:

  • Openly committed to the goal of continuously reducing waste generation and improving waste separate collection.
  • Adopt a commitment to implement residential collection programs for recyclables and organics (including food scraps) by a given date.
  • Consider all discards generated in the municipality whether or not they are directly controlled by the municipality (such as discards generated in the institutional, commercial and industrial sectors).
  • Advocate for redesign of problem materials that are not recyclable or compostable.
  • Establish a Zero Waste Advisory Board or multi-stakeholder process (involving residents, businesses, staff or elected officials, Zero Waste experts, and non-governmental organizations).
  • Oppose any kind of combustion technologies that operate above 93oC, both those already operating (“legacy incinerators”) and those in planning or development in their jurisdiction or region. Communities with existing incinerators must commit in writing to phase out all burning in next contract with service providers or when alternative facilities are available.
  • Define quantitative targets for the mid-term (within 10 years) and long-term (within 20 years).


2nd – Category – Best practices Municipalities:

  • In order to qualify as best practice the municipality will need to generate a maximum amount of 75kg of residual waste -what is finally sent for disposal- per person per year.


Are you representing a municipality in Montenegro and ready to work towards those criteria? Please contact us.