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28-01-2019: Total News Montenegro: A look at plastic pollution in Montenegro


Opening Chapter 27: 09-12-2018

On RTCG last week:
– Opening of Chapter 27 (6:50)
– Plastic pollution and plastic bags in Montenegro (9:49)
– ZWMNE plastic bags petition and oxo-degradable bags (11:50)

International Coastal Cleanup in Montenegro: 15-09-2018

11-09-2018: RTCG: Interview on “Dobro Jutro”


Hosting international blogger and speaker Bea Johnson in Montenegro for the launch of our reusable bags project.

27.06.2018. A reportage from the Bea Johnsonş speech on RTCG (Morning programe)

23.06.2018: Interview on Radio CG

19.06.2018. Bea Džonson u Podgorici: Priča o životu bez otpada [Plezir magazine]

15.06.2018: Article on Mladiinfomne

15.06.2018: Article on

14.06.2018: Interview on TV 777

14.06.2018: Guest in the show “With morning coffee” on television 777. Maša Tomković and Vanja Cicmil to invite citizens to attend the world-famous speaker Bea Johnson’s public lecture about the minimalistic lifestyle – June 25 in Cineplex, Podgorica.

10.05.2018: Article in Caffee Montenegro

Announcement of the new EU Commission legislation on packaging:

28.01.2018: RTCG.ME: Recikliramo 3% otpada, a planirali 25%

08.11.2017: Damira Kalac Blog: Početak kraja upotrebe plastičnih kesa u Crnoj Gori?

On the 16th of September, Zero Waste Montenegro coordinated the largest coastal cleanup in Montenegro in 1 day, in association with 7 other organizations:

13-08-2018: Total News Montenegro: Montenegro to end plastic pollution

30.08.2017: RTCG.ME: Budite volonteri, cistite obalu!


16-09-2017: Uspješna akcija cišcenja obale u Baru

12-09-2017: Morsko Dobro: Pridružite se velikoj akciji cicenja obale povodom “Internacionalnog dana obale”

14.09.2017:  Radio Jadran: Ucestvujte u velikom cišcenju obale

15.09.2017:  Radio DUX: Internacionalni dan cišcenja obale

15.09.2017: Radio Tivat:  Akcije cišcenja obale od Ulcinja do Kotora

In July 2017, Zero Waste Montenegro has launched a national petition to request the Government to ban single-use plastic bags in Montenegro by the end of 2018. The collected signatures will be sent with an open letter to the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism presenting the negative impacts on health, environment, and tourism prone by the use of single use plastic bags. With the support of other NGO’s and organizations, Zero Waste will request our Government to follow the model of numerous other countries and ban plastic single-use bags.

Every day in Montenegro more than 1.000.000 single-use plastic bags are distributed and most of them discarded within less than 15 min. Those bags can last for hundreds of years in the nature, even biodegradable bags survive long enough in nature to harm livestock and wildlife, and consequently our food chain. Zero Waste Montenegro is calling citizen today to sign the petition to demand the government to ban single-use plastic bags in Montenegro:

07.08.2017: CG bez plastičnih kesa: “Sramota da je tako lijepa priroda prepuna smeća”

18.07.2017: Vijesti TV: 2.5 minutes in the evening news on the petition to ban single-use plastic bags



For the International Plastic Bag Free Day, Zero Waste Montenegro organized an action in Podgorica center to inform citizen about the danger of plastic bags in the environment.

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An interview of Azra Vukovic was also done on Slobodnaevropa