On the 10 December 2018, the twelfth meeting of the Accession Conference with Montenegro at Ministerial level took place in Brussels.

What does it mean for waste management in Montenegro?

“Montenegro decides on its waste management system and dedicates appropriate funding to infrastructure investments, in line with relevant EU legislation, including the waste hierarchy. Montenegro establishes waste prevention programmes, prepares waste management plans (WMP), and adopts measures for the separate collection of waste for paper, metal, plastic and glass.” [Read more …]

To-date the current proposal for the new Waste Management Law doesn’t include noticeable measures on plastic bags reduction, neither the implementation of a national Deposit Refund Scheme (DRS) for beverage containers, which is the most effective way to achieve the EU targets of 70% of recycling of beverage containers by 2015 – and probably the only way. ” Studies and feedback from country experts indicate that mandatory deposit refund systems are seen as an effective means for preventing littering and achieving high recycling rates.”