By joining the Zero Waste Montenegro community, you will learn how to adopt a lifestyle that does not contribute to the pollution of land, air, springs of drinking water, rivers, lakes, oceans and all animal species affected by human neglect and irresponsibility.

We’ll help you decrease the amount of residual waste you produce at home or at work, by giving you tips how to reduce, reuse or recycle what goes into your waste bin, so precious resources can be diverted from the landfills or illegal dumpsites, or even worse: incineration (burning waste generates emission of highly toxic dioxide gases into the atmosphere!).

By paying a symbolic membership fee of 3.59 eur you are getting a reusable bag as a gift (made of 100% high-quality cotton in Montenegro), which helps you protect the nature from pollution so you can enjoy a beautiful and clean environment! With these 3.99 eur you directly pay for the costs of creating a new reusable bag for one more person to stop using plastic bags! (an average person in Montenegro uses annually 730 plastic bags on average).

Let’s be together the foundation of a responsible society.

Have you already made your donation in one of the distribution points and receive your welcome gift? Then register your data below to become a registered member and benefit from all its advantage. We will also inform you seldomly about important news on waste laws, petitions where your signature can make a difference, as well as be invited to our yearly International Cleanup every September.

You haven’t made your donation yet? Go to one of our distribution point or our office in Podgorica, and receive your welcome gift today!

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    What is Zero Waste?

    The philosophy of zero waste lifestyle is to REFUSE to buy or accept products that can harm you or the environment. Use the power of your euro to tell companies what you want and do not want. REDUCE by cutting on needless consumption of goods. Think about what you use and buy. Could you use less? REUSE something you already have instead of buying something. REPLACE needing a single use item, with something you can use over and over again. REPURPOSE something by using it for something else. I found and reused parts of one article that I’ve found.