Global project name: Ulcinj coast plastic free

Start and end date: June 2020 until September 2021

City project taken place: Long beach and Ada Bojana in Ulcinj

Project Coordinators: Alexa Aubertin, Marina Tomovic, Vuk Vučeraković

Beneficiaries: local citizens in the territory of Ulcinj Municipality, tourists, children, beach users and beach owners, restaurant and hotel owners, cottage owners on Bojana River, etc.

Sponsors: GIZ

Partners: NGO Green Life (lead partner) – Association Ada Bojana – NGO Green Step – NGO Regional Development Agency – Ulcinj business Association – Dr. Martin Schneider Jacoby Association –  Municipality Ulcinj, PE Morsko dobro and Communal Utility Ulcinj

Total Budget: 46.990 €

ZWMNE Sub-project Budget 8.920 €


In Montenegro according to the Law on waste management, Municipalities are responsible for the waste management on its own territory. Municipality Ulcinj has 13 km Long beach (Long Beach) and Ada Bojana with huge pressure of massive tourism and thus singe use plastics in the area. Through previous projects there were mapped 22 locations with waste only in hinterland of Long beach. Area of Ada Bojana is even worst, since there is no waste management at all. All the waste generated in the area of Long beach and Ada Bojana is threatening to become marine litter and have huge negative impacts.

This global project is designed as a set of activities supported by NGOs who actively work in the area and institutions including Ulcinj Municipality, Communal Utility and PE Morsko dobro. Activities will be implemented in a synchronized manner aiming to reduce use of SUP at Long beach and Ada Bojana. The Project has two main components and related activities and will be implemented in the period from June 2020 until September 2021.


Objective of the project is to improve waste management system and reduce use of SUP at Long beach and Ada Bojana in Ulcinj.

ZWMNE is responsible for one of the 14 activities taken place in this global project:

Activity 9: Reduce SUPs – Education and awareness campaign for hotels and beach bars

ZWMNE will recruit hotels, beach bars and restaurants that have interest to implement plastic free practices. Waste audit will be conducted at 3 sample hotels, beach bars and restaurants (small and large, international and locally managed). Waste audit will consist of a qualitative audit of all types of bins in the selected HORECA business as well as in depth visit to identify SUP used around their premises. Research alternatives to SUP in Montenegro will be identified in sample hotels, beach bars and restaurants and training materials to present alternatives prepared.

Training will be organized jointly at one location for 7 identified hotels, beach bars and restaurants willing to take part.

Material (handout) for the training will be printed and prepared in three languages: ENG, MNE, ALB. The outcome of this activity will also be a set of general recommendations for the HORECA sector in terms of SUP reduction.

  • Hotels, beach bars and restaurants interested in implementing the recommended practices will sign an official commitment statement (MoU) before implementation of the practices take place. Through the project funding, implementation of up to three agreed recommended practices will be supported. For results monitoring, a set of info-graphics will be prepared, printed and distributed to point out the practices implemented by the HORECA objects. Some of the implemented practices will contribute to the issuing of Blue Flag category for beaches by PE Morsko Dobro. HORECA businesses which successfully adopt and implement agreed practices will also be awarded with a branded GIZ MLP sticker, which will signify they retain from using SUP items. The restaurant/hotel showing the biggest interest in reducing SPU will get support for Implementation of up to three practises (e.g. 2000 straws made by the alternative material such as bamboo).

Expected results;

  • Waste audit conducted for 3 hotels, beach bars and restaurants
  • One training implemented for 7 hotels, beach bars and restaurants
  • Handout for the training will be printed
  • Info-graphics will be prepared and printed
  • General recommendations for SUP reduction in the HORECA sector produced


In Autumn 2020, we conducted 7 audits at 7 beach cafes and restaurants and hotels in Ulcinj Long Beach.

Audit was made of waste audit around the place, as well as identification of sources of SUP and interview with the owners.

We created a detailed report with best practises and recommendations for improvement for all the beach cafes and restaurants and hotels in Ulcinj Long Beach which can also be used by most Horeca business in Montenegro. Report will be made available soon.

We have identified alternatives to SUP that are sold in Montenegro and are currently preparing a poster with a webpage with a clear list of what SUP can be replaced by what alternative and where to buy it in Montenegro.


We will present those resources in a workshop that we will organize at the beginning of the opening season of those places, and will make those resources available for everyone on our website.

Example of practise to change: use of single-use plastic straws on the beach
Example of good practises: refillable concentrated cleaning products.
Example of good practise: use of reusable melanine glasses on the beach
Example of practise to be changed: recylcing bins used as general bins