Participate to the world’s largest volunteer effort for our oceans!


It will soon be the end of the touristic season in Montenegro. Lots of trashes are left behind and if not picked up quickly, they will join the massive amount of trashes that are already in our oceans and getting in our food chain … For nearly three decades, volunteers with Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup® have picked up everything imaginable along the world’s shorelines. In 2015, more than 18 million pounds of trash was collected by nearly 800,000 volunteers during the International Coastal Cleanup. Montenegrin Environmental NGO’s join forces to participate this year to the International Coastal Cleanup. We need your help to keep this momentum going. Join the world’s largest volunteer effort for our ocean: come to raise awareness on the harmful effects of littering (and enjoy a day at the beach!)


Join the International Coastal Cleanup Day in Montenegro on the 16th of September 2017. Register today and take your friends along!

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    End the flow of trash right at the source, Fight for Trash Free Seas®

    See cleanup locations on the map:

    Where are the cleanup’s?


    Meeting point:

    option 1 – at 9h40 at the exit of the train, on Pješački nadvožnjak, at the junction with the main road (pick up in OCTO Diving mini-van).
    option 2 – between 9h30 and 10h in front of OCTO Diving Center, Zelen Residence, 109 Ulica Zelen, Sutomore.

    How to get there:

    Train from Podgorica to Sutomore (PG-8:40 SUT-9:40) ir your own car.



    Meeting point:

    at 10h30, in front of restaurant Otrant, near the Old bridge Port Milena.

    How to get there:

    By your own car or carpooling (send an email to to offer seats in your car or check for seats availability)



    Meeting point:

    Option 1: at 6h50 on the main square in Podgorica (bus).

    Option 2: at 7h30 on the roundabout in Cetinje (bus).

    Option 3: at 8h20 at the bus stop Slavia in Budva (bus).

    Option 4: at 8h50 in Orahovac in Kotor.

    How to get there:

    By organized bus from Podgorica, main square at 7am, at 7:40 in Cetinje at the roundabout, at 8:20 in Budva at the bus stop Slavia. Or directly by your own means at the start of the cleanup in Orahovac, Kotor.


    Meeting point:

    at 10h on the Velja Spila (Pecka) beach.

    How to get there:

    By your own car or carpooling (send an email to to offer seats in your car or check for seats availability), or by foot, boat or even by bike!


    Meeting point:

    Option 1: at 7h40 in front of Hotel Nikić in Podgorica (3 min walk from ADP-Zid office) (bus).

    Option 2: at 8h45 on Susanj Beach.

    How to get there:

    By organized bus from Podgorica or by your own car from other locations.

     Cleanup’s will last between 2 to 4 hours, depending on the amount of trashes found and the location.



    What to take with you?

    • Sun cream
    • Sun glasses
    • A set of comfortable and light clothes that can get dirty
    • Your reusable water bottle filled up
    • Snacks for the day
    • As many already used single-use plastic bags to be reused as garbage bags
    • Your music instruments to do a jam session after the clean-up
    • Your swimming gears to refresh yourself after the clean-up



    Participating organizations and groups to this national cleanups are:





     NVO Zero Waste Montenegro | NVO Nasa akcija | NGO Our action | Let’s do it Montenegro, ADP-Zid | NVO Green Home | Assoc. Dr Martin Schneider Jacoby (MSJA) | NVO Green Mind | NGO Mogul

    What will we organize?

    • Each participant volunteer will be lend a pair of reusable garden gloves to collect the trash
    • Each of you will carry two garbage bags during the collection: one for recyclables and one for non-recyclable waste. Recyclable waste will be brought to the recyclable yards for further processing and sorting.
    • You will receive instructions before the start of the clean-up on what can be recycled or not, where to leave the recyclables and the trash, and which areas we will focus on for the cleaning.
    • We will provide large water bottles to refill your reusable water bottles
    • Some seasonal fruits
    • We will have a First-aid kit for minor cuts and scrapes
    • Some soap to clean your hands after the clean-up
    • And a luggage scale to weight the recyclables and trash collected
    • You will be given a reusable cotton carrier bag from our sponsor Evaneos to do your shopping plastic-free!




    Check here to see the other participating countries.


    This event is sponsored by Surfrider Foundation Europe who provides a collection kit (40 reusable pair of gloves and collection bags made of recycled plastic) and Morsko dobro A.D. who provides 200 euros for the purchase of additional gloves and garbage bags, and Evaneos who provides cotton bags to each volunteer as giveaway.