Between September 2019 and July 2020, we worked together with the Ministry or Sustainable Development and Tourism and the Capital City of Podgorica to reduce their consumption of Single Use Plastic (SUP) items in their Institutions.

We started by doing a study to understand what were the most used SUP in those 2 Institutions: we analyzed procurement data, run a waste audit on-site and interviewed key stakeholders. We proposed 21 recommendations to reduce up to 50.000 SUP items per year (with a saving of xxx over 5 years).

Several recommendations were adopted by the Ministry and implemented:

At the Capital of Podgorica, the following recommendations were implemented:

We also decided to support those Institutions in the reduction of their paper waste by introducing a special paper bins in each office:

In order to make this implementation successful, we trained the catering and cleaning staff and held a kick-off for all employees just before the launch.