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Alexa Aubertin

Board Member | Founder

a.aubertin   @   zerowastemontenegro.me


Alexa has over 17 years’ experience as Certified PMI ® project manager and consultant with a multinational company (IBM), working internationally in the field of IT outsourcing, offshoring and managing organizational change. Involved since 2009 with environmental, waste management and sustainable project development and initiatives in The Netherlands, Cambodia and Kenya, she beholds a Master’s Degree in Environment and Resources Management from the Vrij Universiteit in Amsterdam. Alexa is also volunteer at Greenpeace Nederland.


Marina Tomovic

Board Member | Public Relations

m.tomovic   @   zerowastemontenegro.me | LinkedIn

Marina recently graduated from the Faculty of Political Science in Podgorica, majoring in international relations. She has been involved in the work of relevant Montenegrin NGOs dealing with human rights, democracy and youth. She is passionate about implementing environmentally friendly practices in our everyday lives and reducing environmental impact in order to make this planet a clean and safe place for future generations.


Tanja Rakocevic

Sustainable Development Specialist

t.rakocevic   @    zerowastemontenegro.me | LinkedIn

Tanja grew up in Germany but has her roots in the Balkans. After finishing her degree in Environmental and Sustainability Studies she decided to move to Montenegro tackle the waste management issue here. Now she’s working for the Environmental Protection Agency in Podgorica and volunteers for ZWMNE. She is passionate about everything regarding the environment and sustainability but also loves learning about new cultures and languages. She speaks Serbian/Montenegrin, German, English, Spanish and Catalan.


Kris Bertens

Environmental Sciences Specialist

k.bertens   @   zerowastemontenegro.me | LinkedIn

Kris has worked for over 15 years in the diamond industry. He has a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and rolled into the intriguing diamond world by chance, where he worked in a technologically advanced environment to study and value rough diamonds and followed up the manufacturing process until the final polished product. Recently he followed his wife to Montenegro where he was amazed by the beautiful landscapes but was also shocked by the amount of garbage that is scattered everywhere you look. He is now studying through Open University to obtain a degree in Natural and Environmental Sciences and is a volunteer for ZWMNE in order to do his part in preserving the natural beauty of Montenegro.


Vanja Cicmil



Vanja is a product manager in a leading engineering company. She has also been working as a retail manager and CEO assistant. She is currently a few exams apart from getting a diploma in English language and literature at University of Montenegro, and has strong interest in translation and interpreting. She is a nature lover and believes we all have responsibility to contribute to making our natural environment a cleaner, healthier place.


Merima Džaferadžović

BEMED Project Contributor| Anthropologist

m.dzaferadzovic   @   zerowastemontenegro.me | LinkedIn

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Scott Perry

Executive Director

s.perry   @    zerowastemontenegro.me | LinkedIn

Over 30 years exposure to heavy industry and minerals processing, the last 12 years working internationally in developing countries. He is passionate about nature and outdoor activities which led him to his desire to actively protect the natural beauty of Montenegro.