• Recycling is a great thing to do, it prevents the wastage of resources going to the landfill or being incinerated BUT waste generation have a big impact on the environment. Only 65% of waste are currently being collected in Montenegro, the rest is leaking in the environment or being burned.

  • Burnt waste generate toxic products such as dioxins with can lead to pulmonary diseases or even cancers.

  • Land-filled waste generate leachates that leak into the groundwater layers (some sort of big lakes of water under the ground) that go to the rivers. Fishes (that we eat) live in this water and we also drink it.

  • Recycling is a much better option than burning or land-filling waste, but be aware that only 2% of waste are currently being recycled in Montenegro. So recyclable doesn’t mean being recycled! And to recycle materials, we need high quantities of energy and water to process and clean them. This is also a high ‘cost’ to our environment.

  • So what is the best way? The best way is simply not to create waste! Reducing the waste we produce by not taking useless packaging, not buying things we don’t need, reusing things we have or buying second-hand stuff. This is called ‘the path to Zero Waste’.

Now are you ready for the Zero Waste Challenge?