• Are you a community leader, a policy maker, a mayor or a city planner seeking to drive an ambitious transition in your city?
  • Is your municipality struggling with outdated or insufficient waste management systems?
  • Is your municipality piling up an incredible amount of waste in an open-air or sanitized landfill or doesn’t even know where to put its waste?
  • Is your municipality ready to take the path of Circular Economy, while creating employment and reducing waste management costs?

Then the Zero Waste City program is for you.

For a local authority, committing to a zero waste approach means choosing to make continuous and rapid progress in waste reduction and recycling.

Initiating a « zero waste » approach at the scale of an urban area means the following:

  • set up organic waste sorting (through local composting or separate collection) to remove one third of the waste we put in the bins.
  • implement financial incentive schemes such as incentive pricing, which allows citizens to pay according to the amount of waste they produce.
  • carry out waste reduction actions aimed at promoting a zero waste lifestyle, opposing single use and encouraging reuse.
  • involve all the actors of the area – the citizens in particular – because zero waste is everyone’s business!
  • commit to reducing waste sent to landfills and incinerators by planning the closure of certain treatment facilities in the short, medium or long term.

What are the benefits of a Zero Waste strategy?

  • Littering reduction + nature tourism opportunities increase
  • Total waste production reduction
  • Residual waste reduction – less waste to landfill
  • Recycling rate increase – sales of recyclables
  • Income generation through secondary material reuse – opportunities for local entrepreneurs
  • Waste management costs reduction
  • Strong communities building

There is no single path to becoming a zero waste city. The Zero Waste Master Plan (created by Zero Waste Europe) sets out four key scenarios that offer valuable insights to help your municipality starts its journey towards Zero Waste.

Scenario 1: My city is starting from scratch (waste are removed from streets but recycling is only done by the informal sector – we are very far from meeting the EU recycling targets).

Scenario 2: We do have roadside containers and have run a couple of unsuccessful communication campaigns. Recycling is low and most waste is burried or burnt.

Scenario 3: We have a functioning system of separate waste collection, but our residual waste still contains lots of recyclables and the separated waste are of low quality. We are have little incentive to change things due to recycling not being competitive with waste disposal.

Scenario 4: We have put the basic elements of Zero Waste in place, but we believe we still have room for improvement and want to get the full benefits of Zero Waste on a large scale.

Whatever your current situation, Zero Waste Montenegro can assist you to design a tailor-made Zero Waste strategy and implementation plan, and help you become a Zero Waste municipality. We are also the accredited organization in Montenegro to deliver Zero Waste Municipality certifications (on a national level – and in the future on a European level). Become part of the European Zero Waste Cities network and join front-runners in the field of waste resource optimization.

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