Teaching kids to have the mindset of being conscientious of the environment is crucial for their future generation and environment. Implementing small activities at home or in the classroom at any age can deeply affect kids futures and their outlook on the importance of recycling. Here are a few resources for simple classroom activities for children!


Classroom Activities

For information from PBS Kids on “How You Can Help the Environment”, click here.

For information from We Are Teachers on “21 Ideas Big and Small to Bring Recycling into the Classroom”, click here.

For Information from 5 Minute Crafts KIDS on “20 Easy Recycled Projects for Kids”, click here.

For information from 5 Minute Crafts KIDS on “23 Cheap Recycled Crafts for Kids”, click here.

For information from CONNIEmodel on “Preschool Kindergarten Recycling Activity”, click here.

For information from HiMama on “6 Recycling Activies for Preschoolers”, click here.

Za informacije od Green Home o tome “Vodič za nastaVnike/ce kroz sVijet reciklaže i separacije otpada (zbirka radionica)” kliknite ovde.




Have some free time during classroom time? Have kids play these online games that teach them the importance of recycling in an engaging, new way!


Recycle Roundup from National Geographic Kids

Recycle This!  From NASA

Schoolyard Recycling from Science Kids

Trey’s Green Life from the Carnegie Cyber Academy

Recycle City Challenge from Recycle City

Dumpton City from Recycle City


Educational Information

Additionally, here are some YouTube videos made especially for kids that teaches them the ins and outs of recycling!


Learn How Recycling Works with SciShow Kids.

Learn what it means to recycle with WonderGrove Kids.

Discover the fantastic 3R’s eaching resources from Recycledevon.

Learn the 3 R’s for Kids with Its AumSum Time.

Learn how to Go Green with Sid the Science Kid from Craveo Television.

Learn all about recycling with Peppa Pig.

Learn about garbage trucks with Blippi.


Animirani film za djecu – Kako pravilno reciklirati

Razvrstavanje otpada


Naučite djecu od najranije dobi važnosti odvajanja otpada i recikliranja


Want to take a more hands-on approach to recycling? Take a tour of your local recycling yard to truly immerse your students in the world of recycling! Click here for locations in Podgorica.


Ever considered implementing a recycling program in your school, business, or home? Here are a few ideas on how to start today!

A Guide for Implementing a School Recycling Program

Kako reciklirati u školi?

Additional information: Circular economy teaching for all levels of education